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Money Monday - 3 days late

Happy Thursday!

The plumbers returned last week to check the leak on the brand-new hot-water tank, and said it was perfectly fine. They think the leak is coming from the bathtub upstairs. So I didn't need to have the old tank replaced, and I didn't need to sign the five-year contract for the new one. Too late.

The bathtub does not leak when we take daily showers; it only happens when we take baths. I thought maybe we were filling it up too high and the overflow drain had a leak. We had a jacuzzi tub in the last rental house and were spoiled with a big bath. On the weekend I took a bath and was careful not to fill it up too high.

When I checked the basement afterwards it was like a downpour, running across the floor to the drain. Worse than I had seen it before, but before I had not checked immediately after the bath and it may have dried up some. Still, I felt it was lucky that I had spent a few hours in the basement earlier organizing, and nothing got wet.

A family member suggested it might be the sealant (or lack of) around the tub drain, so I went to Canadian Tire and spent less than $5.00 for a tube of clear sealant. I made a nice mess with that and left it for 24 hours, and then tested it out with another bath. No leak!!!

My first DIY fix was a success!!

Yesterday for fun I looked online at dishwasher prices. A portable dishwasher is about twice the price as one installed. I'm not sure I have the cupboard space to install a dishwasher. I will think about it for a couple of months while my savings account is replenished.

The carport is still embarrassing, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I could just take the whole thing down but that would admit defeat. I will see how much time I have this weekend and decide then.