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Money Monday - a new car port

OK, it's Tuesday, so I'm only a day late for Money Monday. I'm trying me best here eh? :D

Better than 2012, when I didn't post at all!!!

During the offer and counter-offer part of the house sale, I made sure that the car port and shed behind the house would be included, and they were. After a couple of weeks of waiting, waiting (it felt like months), I received a call from my agent saying there was a problem. He received a call from the sellers' agent saying that a complaint had been filed to the city back in 2005 about the car port. Apparently it was too close to the property line. It was implied that it was to be dealt with before the sale was finalized. I was disappointed that, if the sellers had to take it down, I would have another winter of scraping snow and ice off my car, which had not yet lived a winter in my care.

In the end,  the car port stayed up, and I had to sign a letter with my lawyer saying I was aware of the complaint. Since there was no work order issued by the city, I decided that I would leave it up and deal with it in the spring.

Last week we got a good dump of snow, and it was so heavy on my car port that it tore through both layers of canvas and tarp. If I had thought about it prior I might have been able to prevent it by poking underneath with a broom handle, but I honestly didn't think about it until it was too late, and the snow was too heavy and frozen.

It looks terrible and I want to fix it as soon as possible. I have three options:

1) Purchase new canvas and tarp and cover the existing poles;
2) Purchase a whole new car port kit;
3) Take the whole thing down and wait until the spring.

If I choose # 2 I also have to choose if I am going to buy a similar type of car port (like this one) or invest in something sturdier and more permanent (something like this).

Also, to follow up from last week's Money Monday, the new tank was installed, and I discovered today that it too was sitting in a tray of water this morning. I called the utilities company, and they are sending the guys back this afternoon to take a look and/or replace the tank. Again!