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How buying a brand-new car has saved my budget

All the Personal Finance blogs tell us not to buy a new car. I never planned to myself, but when I could not find what I wanted used, I took the plunge and made the splurge. I bought a 2014 Hyundai Accent in April 2014.

Not only do I feel safe and secure in my new car, after years of driving hazardous beaters, but I am also in the best financial shape I have ever been, ever.

Before I bought the car I scrutinized my budget spreadsheet for weeks. If you know how often I do this (at least once a day), you would know that this is a big deal, since I had the spreadsheet open for hours each day, moving numbers around. The only way I could afford the payment was to be radical with each category, to make room for the new purchase.

Once I became comfortable with the changes, I bought the car. Since my intention was to pay it off in 3.5 years instead of 7, I stopped spending everywhere else. I still put money in the grocery account, and the gift account (for christmas and birthdays), but I did not go to Sephora, or the shoe store, or go for take-away, and I certainly have not spent any money online since I bought my car.

Instead I squirreled every penny I could into a savings account, with the intention of making extra car payments. Within a few months my savings accounts were greater than they have ever been. I have never saved this much money before, ever.

I could go to the bank today and pay off half of what I owe on the car. Doing so would make my car an asset, since it is worth only about $12 000 since I drove it off the lot.

A couple of weeks ago, this is exactly what I was going to do, but then Partner (now-ex) told me he is moving out at the end of the month. So I have saved my money, because big new plans are in store.

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