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Waiting for a PayPal refund

... or maybe this should be filed under stupid spending mistakes? Read on ...

I knew I shouldn't have, but I clicked on the link from Paypal offering me a $25.00 credit from I have never used, so I took a look. The selection was overwhelming, so I went to my two favourite lurking categories: wristwatches and handbags. I wasn't thinking when I selected one of each for my cart. The minimum purchase was $75, so I picked a $25 bag and a $50 Timex watch. I clicked through ... order went through ... no $25 credit added.

Oh great, now what have I done? I mindlessly bought two things I don't need, and didn't even get the discount that brought me to the site in the first place. I clicked help, and saw that the order could be cancelled within two hours. So I cancelled it. Goodbye new bag, goodbye new wristwatch. It was a short fling.

Emails came through confirming first the purchase, then the refund. Then an email from Paypal: here is the $25.00 credit! What? That went through? Oh great. Oh well, I don't need new stuff anyways.

Two days later: the purchase price ($89 minus the $25 credit) is debited from my bank account. OK, fine, I will wait for the stupid Paypal refund. Four days after that: nothing. Money still deducted. Sale still cancelled. One phone call, several punches on the "0" key, a man tells me to wait a couple more days for the $64.00 to show up in my Paypal account, and from there I can return it to my chequing account. Bleh.

That's what I get for mindlessly clicking through promotional links. I know better than that.