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Saving and Spending

So far in 2014 I have saved $1000. Go me!

I have spent a little bit too:
- a trip to Build-A-Bear with Bean (I gave him $40 in gift cards for xmas, and I had around $40 left over from January budgeting, so I let him pick a few extra things for his cute cute rainbow bear);
- a trip to Sephora for me ($55 on a new foundation, plus another $60 on an exfoliant, from which I will use house-funds, and share the tube with my partner - see what I did there?);
- and a trip to the Shoe Company for a pair of Pods (fake Bogs) which were 30% off and another $10 off when I used up my points with them (total was about $55 - but I used a credit card where the payment will not be due till end of Feb, thus using March funds - see what I did there?).

I'm not paid to endorse any of the above shops.

I have doubled my student loan payments in the hopes of having the bulk of them paid off in five years.

I am still saving for a mortgage down payment, but I am getting discouraged by what is on the market in my city. Houses here cost still a third of what they are in the big city so I guess I shouldn't complain. I would, honestly, rather rent, but I want to retire in 20 years, and do not want to have half of my meagre pension go towards someone else's mortgage. I would rather have my own paid-off house to live in and more money in my pocket to have a little life for myself. I am used to living without, yet still have so much, so I know it is possible.