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De-Clutter and Profit!

We finally got around to going through our CDs and DVDs and took them to the pawn shop for fun and profit. Partner made $240 and I made $60. He had a lot more than I did, since I de-cluttered in 2005 before heading to Thailand, in 2008 when my basement was leaking and no good for storage, and again in 2011 when I was readying to house-sit for the summer. As well, as I joked with the store people, most of my CDs were second-hand to begin with, and I was selling them back third-hand. Partner had a few video games and Blu-Rays, things I never bothered to purchase in the first place. Bean and I were still watching hand-me-down videotapes when we met Partner in 2011!

Now we live in a house with a Playstation (which plays Blu-Rays), a new Smart TV, three laptops, several tablets, a DVD player, a VCR, and my old combo DVD/VCR player. Partner insisted on subscribing to a television service, and the compromise was satellite, but after about six months I managed to convince him that we were paying close to $200 to watch mostly the same six channels. We cancelled our home phone and upgraded our mobile plans, and found a small internet company that gives us unlimited streaming for less than $60 a month. We purchased Netflix and Major League Soccer streaming plans.

I had already done this kind of downsizing when I began my debt-free journey in 2008, but this was all new territory for Partner. We both came into the partnership with debt and he is learning now how to pay his down while the interest rates are low. This blog has already told how I paid mine off, racked up (just a bit!) again, and paid it off again. My debt is now "just" student loans, which I somehow compartmentalize into a different kind of debt, compared to credit card and line of credit debt. Partner had been making only minimum payments on his $10 000 line of credit for YEARS and when we decided to move into together he had to promise to make it a priority to pay it off. It has been slow progress though, because he did not know how to budget and his discipline was atrocious.

However, budgeting with a partner is a good topic for next time.


  1. I just wanted to say hi. I didn't realize you were blogging again. So good to hear about your world.


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