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As of this morning (payday), Friday 27 May, 2011 I am credit card debt free.

30 months, $20 000, Paid. Off.

Thank you to so many bloggers who inspired me back in November 2008 to start on this self-improvement project. In particular I would like to shout out to Fabulously Broke, Jolie, and Grace, who were with me from the beginning. Thanks as well to my ex-sweetheart who covered all my weekend fun expenses so I did not experience too much debt burnout.

You can do this too! Stop Shopping!

Seriously, Karissa


Last week was a crazy one. It was a quiet week at work after crazy the week prior, but my home life turned upside down. Literally. We had to be out of the apartment by Saturday, which was the same day of Bean's fifth birthday party, his first big birthday party ever. Up until this year I did not have the nerve or the cash to pay for a party for twelve kids, but this year I took a deep breath and went for it.

The week started at the mechanics, where I forked over yet another $200 to have the alternater replaced. This was necessary, since I had already started loading up the car and taking loads to second-hand stores, the consignment shop, and the free market. I had a car-load of toys packed in, to go to Bean's dad's in the big city, when the car decided to die in an intersection not far from home.

By mid-week the car was repaired, and I was shuttling loads of mostly toys to the house at which we are staying until end of July. By Friday the movers came and took all the big s…