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Suck it up Buttercup

If you are child-free and on the fence about having a kid or two, and are easily upset by wasting food while people around the world are starving, I suggest you get a dog.

I am a cat-person myself, but a dog will eat up all the uneaten food that you so lovingly and carefully prepare for your offspring, who may or may not (but probably will) eat two bites and then want to wander over to the television.

And then complain about a hungry tummy later on.

I do not know if an almost-five year old can comprehend the words, "I cannot afford to buy food only to have to throw it out when you do not eat it!" These words certainly do not encourage a healthy sense of abundance in the boy's psyche.

And I am slowly growing out of all my second-hand clothes eating two dinners each night. It is a good thing I usually skip breakfast (which Bean has already noticed and commented on the other day. Oops).

Take yesterday for example. Bean goes to kindergarten on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday. He goes to daycare on the alternate days, where he eats a hot lunch and many snacks and I am certain he actually eats there, because the food is not prepared by Mom (*cough* power struggle). I had noticed the past couple of times after kindergarten that his lunch bag was practically untouched, meaning the contents of two sandwiches and containers of several fresh fruits and vegetables were sitting in his bag all day. Yuck. He could give me no reason why he did not eat his lunch so I thought maybe I should change it up a bit.

But I was at a loss, so as I made his lunch yesterday I told him about how MY favourite sandwich as a kid was a butter sandwich, and he thought that was pretty cool. I made him one sandwich loaded with butter, and put the turkey slices in a separate container knowing he likes to eat them on their own.

When we got home after work and school I opened the bag to find the sandwich in it's container, and it looked like he had tried to peel the butter off the top. When I asked him why he did not eat his butter sandwich, he said it was because it was on bread.

How I am supposed to make a sandwich without bread is beyond my motherly capabilities. I give up.

Next Monday I might just send him to kindergarten with a half-brick of butter in his lunch bag. That should solve the problem.

Seriously, Karissa


  1. Lettuce roll-ups! Does he like lettuce? I never know, my youngest kids seem to be vegetable-loving freaks! The eldest won't eat sandwiches anymore so it's either lettuce wraps, quesadillas, banana bread sandwiches, or whatever else we have for leftovers like homemade mac and cheese or pesto linguine. Man, reading that back makes it sound like he's spoiled! Lol! I always try to make sure that there is at least something that he really likes so that he's guaranteed to at least eat something.


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