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this must be what they call passive income

For the first time ever, and without requesting it, I received a refund cheque for interest paid on my rent deposit. I almost fell over when I opened the envelope and realized what it was. With that I am $18.16 more wealthy.

On a similar note, I checked my ING account today and found a $25 referral deposit, another first. Many thanks to the person who took my orange key from the sidebar and used it to open their own account. I hope your $25 serves you well.

Since I gave up monetizing this blog I haven't looked at all at my account settings. Last week I chose to renew my domain name and clicking around in google took me to my adsense account. I saw that I had almost $10 in my account so I decided to update my information with them. I'm waiting on a password to arrive in the mail to finish the process.

On a whim I also decided to re-visit my abandoned Swagbucks account. In the past few days I have earned over 40 Bucks just playing around on the 'net. I think I might try to save up enough to cash in for an credit, to supplement the $20 gift certificate I received from Everyday Tips and Thoughts and the Squirrelers giveaway. Thanks to both of the blogs for a rewarding contest!

Seriously, Karissa


  1. ahhhhh, the stuff dreams are made of...$$ falling from the sky:) I occasionally have a dream where I'm sitting on a curb at the side of the road and there are hundreds of coins mixed in with the gravel and I keep picking up handfuls of gravel and sorting out the coins - it's like finding treasure. I wonder what this dream means?


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