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this is why I can't carry a credit card with me

The health food store near our apartment has a customer appreciation day on the last Tuesday of the month: 10% off all purchases. I try to get a list going and when I direly need something I'll try to time it to make it over on this special day.

Last Tuesday I noticed I was running low on Vitamin D. I take Vit. D, a multi-vitamin, and fish oils every morning. I was also feeling a little under the weather, so I thought I'd pick up a natural cold remedy while I was in there picking up the Vitamin D.

When I got to the store I noticed the "Customer Appreciation" sign wasn't up on the door but I decided to go in anyways. You know where this is going. I walked out with Vit. D, echinacea, (EDIT: AND more fish oils), a bottle of Floradix (liquid iron supplement), two bags of organic cereal, a bottle of shampoo, a box of rice milk, and a bottle of China Cola. I spent almost $80.00.

When I got out to my car with my bag of stuff, I remembered that customer appreciation day is the fourth Tuesday of the month, which was the week prior. If I had gone the week before I would have saved $8.00.

Which is exactly how much I spent on the Vitamin D, the whole reason for going there: $8.00.

(And when I got home I found an almost-new bottle of iron pills in the cupboard, which could have saved me over $20 for the Floradix. I guess I could return it).


Seriously, Karissa


  1. AND you used a credit card? Oh dear, well don't beat yourself up about it - it happens to us all. The lure of easy credit is like a siren call, beckoning us in to spend spend spend.

  2. ARG! :) That is frustrating for me because I DO THE EXACT SAME THING!

    It's so weird but it's true. I get into a store to buy some mascara. I walk out with $50 worth of stuff for just in case items. ARGH!

    I feel your pain.

  3. Happy Birthday Karissa!


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