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I guess I should title this (meme)

Snagged from Butterfly Collector

Part One - Describe:

Your hair? shoulder-length, natural light-brown. I haven't coloured it in over five years, since I became pregnant. I actually like my natural hair colour, after years of abuse :)

Your favorite food? veggie curry

Your dream last night? I can't remember

Your favorite drink? Coca Cola (in a can)

Your dream/goal? to be debt free

The room are you in? living room

Your hobby? playing on the internet

Your fear? that something terrible will happen to my son

Your TV? is turned on when my son is home

Your Pets? none, but I'm thinking of getting Bean a dwarf bunny for his fifth birthday in April

Friends? I don't make them easily, but I keep the few I have close

Your life? waiting

Your mood? at this moment I am ok

If you're missing someone? I miss my Nan, who passed away five years ago this month

Your best friend? I have more than one

Part Two - The Wheres:

Where do you want to be in 6 years? in a happy place

Where were you l…

my own blog rules

I've been maintaining this blog for (close to? more than?) two years. I'm obviously not keeping track of time. The blog is not exactly what I thought it would be, but it's been an amazing tool for tracking my progress and that's the most important thing. It keeps me honest and accountable. It probably keeps you asleep - if you even read it anymore. I don't care really, I stopped watching the stats almost immediately.

And I've come up with a few rules and here's three:

1. Stop clicking on free stuff. Maybe even stop following blogs that offer free stuff. Thanks to a couple of thoughtless keystrokes I now get a spam phone call each night, and at least a couple of spam snail-mails each week. Good thing I'll be moving and leaving my landline in the spring but in the meantime ...

2. I've stopped following almost all blogs that don't offer a full blog post in their feed. I follow way too many blogs now and rarely click on them individually unless I kn…

Cool contest - tons of prizes

Squirrelers is hosting a Thanksgiving giveaway contest until Nov. 25. There are tons of prizes:

Grand Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card, from Squirrelers
Your Money: The Missing Manual, by JD Roth (Sponsored by Budgeting In The Fun Stuff)
$10 Amazon Gift Card (Sponsored by Young and Thrifty)
$10 Amazon Gift Card (Sponsored by Wealth Informatics)
I Will Teach You to Be Rich, by Ramit Sethi (Sponsored by PF Firewall)
$25 Amazon Gift Card (Sponsored by Invest It Wisely)
$25 Gift Card to a major retailer (Sponsored by (Barbara Friedberg)
$15 Amazon Gift Card (Sponsored by KNS Financial)
$20 Amazon Gift Card (Sponsored by Money Crashers)
Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense (Sponsored by Control Your Cash)
$20 Amazon Gift Certificate (Sponsored by Out of Debt Again)
2 separate prizes of If I’m So Smart…Where did All My Money Go (Sponsored by Doug Warshauer)
$20 Amazon Gift Card (Sponsored by Everyday Tips and Thoughts)
$25 Starbucks Gift Card (Sponsored by Couple Money)
$50 Wal-Mart Gift …

this is why I can't carry a credit card with me

The health food store near our apartment has a customer appreciation day on the last Tuesday of the month: 10% off all purchases. I try to get a list going and when I direly need something I'll try to time it to make it over on this special day.

Last Tuesday I noticed I was running low on Vitamin D. I take Vit. D, a multi-vitamin, and fish oils every morning. I was also feeling a little under the weather, so I thought I'd pick up a natural cold remedy while I was in there picking up the Vitamin D.

When I got to the store I noticed the "Customer Appreciation" sign wasn't up on the door but I decided to go in anyways. You know where this is going. I walked out with Vit. D, echinacea, (EDIT: AND more fish oils), a bottle of Floradix (liquid iron supplement), two bags of organic cereal, a bottle of shampoo, a box of rice milk, and a bottle of China Cola. I spent almost $80.00.

When I got out to my car with my bag of stuff, I remembered that customer appreciation day …