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I'd be rich

Recently my sweetheart and I had a conversation about lotteries. I told him that all I wanted was one million dollars. It's a ton of money for my purposes but really on the grand scheme of things it's not much. Think about it, all you have to spend is one cent and you're no longer a millionaire.

Anyways, if I won a million dollars - which I wouldn't, because I don't buy tickets - I would spend it like this:

$400 000 - one good piece of property to live and retire in. It doesn't even have to cost that much, but I would like to put aside a cushion for utilities and maintenance.
$40 000 - pay off every last cent of my credit card debt and student loans
$60 000 - take a trip around the world with my son and my sweetheart

That's only half. The other half I would put into trust funds for charitable donations, maybe a bursary at my university, and of course savings for my future and Bean's too. It's really not that much but it's a fortune to me, and hopefully I'd find a trustworthy financial advisor to help me out.

I would keep working at my current job or find another suitable part-time position that I enjoy, in order to keep cash flow in for everyday expenses - not rent of course, because I would have a house!! paid off!! My current position also pays into a pension and comes with medical benefits so it's worth sticking around. Like I said, a million dollars isn't really much in the grand scheme of things, but it sure would make a comfortable life for me!

Seriously, Karissa