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Swearing at Strangers

Twice, in the past three days, I have wanted to swear at strangers.

The first time was at the folks who run the swimming lessons registration at the school gym. I was told that registration would start on Wednesday, and when I hurried over there at lunch time I was told that I would have to come back between 5 and 7 pm. When I told them I wouldn't be able to because I planned to pick up my son from kindergarten at five and we would have to take the bus back UP to campus, the woman just shrugged and said they "had to keep it fair for everyone." FAIR!! How is that fair for us single, car-less moms?! Or are we just nobodies?!

The second time, yesterday morning, was at the city bus driver. Now, I have been threatened numerous times over the past few months that ALL passengers pay $2.25 for their ride, unless they are under two or over sixty-five. Each time I get on the bus with my son, he goes running to the back seat while I pay. Some drivers threaten to make me pay for him, others do not. None have actually made me pay. Until yesterday. The worst part was that this particular driver did it with a smile. She was just so darned pleasant about it, while I told her, in disbelief, "thanks for nothing." I know she was just doing her job, but still. Why doesn't she charge an extra fare to the many many students who take up two seats with their backpacks? I wanted to tell her that just because she has a ____ doesn't mean she has to be one.

The third time I almost swore at someone was this morning. I went back to the gym to see if there was a spot left for Bean's swimming lessons and of course there was not. There wasn't an aquatics supervisor around, but I was told that one would call me later. Shortly after I got into my office I got the call. I explained to her my frustration about the discriminatory 5 to 7 pm window for registration and she said I would have to try again after xmas. I asked her if they would again only offer registration during that stupid little time-frame (I didn't actually use the word "stupid") and she said probably, yes. I was so frustrated that I told her I had to get off the phone. I was afraid I was going to yell "bullshit!" at her. I'm glad I didn't but it would have felt good at the time.

Seriously, Karissa