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So far, kindergarten sucks

For me anyways. Bean seems to really enjoy it so I guess they're doing something right.

We had a communication breakdown on the second day that wronged me and alienated me from both the JK teacher and the principal. I thought about boycotting the Welcome Back BBQ scheduled for this evening, but decided to go anyways, have a hot dog, and see if the teacher or principal would approach me.

The invitation to the BBQ didn't mention anything about paying for the hot dog. I knew there were raffle tickets, since I was asked to donate candy for a prize basket (which I did, so much for my boycott), so I knew I would have to spend some money there. In the end I bought only one ticket, because a hot dog for me and Bean each, plus a drink cost me $4.50. If the food had been free, like I thought it was supposed to be, I would have spent $6 on raffle tickets instead of only $1.

Then I had the pleasure of dragging Bean out of there, who insisted on staying until they drew his name for the toy basket. At least three times I had to explain to him the concept of the raffle. Well, he's only four.

But seriously, don't you think the school should have advertised the food prices in the BBQ invite? That would have given me a chance to scrounge up some additional change for the endeavor, or go ahead and boycott the event due to poverty and disinterest.

I seriously dislike Bean's new school. I think their communications suck. They had a cop there running police checks for $6 + change but I decided not to bother because I want as little to do as possible with the dump until I can get him into a different school. Maybe after Xmas, but definately by next September.

Oh yes, and neither the teacher nor the principal talked to me. They still suck.

Seriously, Karissa