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me and my wise ideas

My passport expired in May, and I've been slowly working on the "simplified" application for renewal. I finally had some time to get the photos taken, and for some stupid reason I chose to go to Walmart. They weren't very friendly, but they took the pics and when I asked the price I was told there was a "special": two pics and a passport wallet for $19.99. In disbelief I asked what the regular price was and was told $23.99. I told the lady I was sure I had never spent more than $10 on passport photos and she acted like she didn't believe me. I handed over my card and she handed me a plain black passport wallet that smelled slightly of gasoline.

I then went across the street to Shopper's Drug Mart to mail the small package to the passport office. Next to the postal outlet was a photo area, with a sign that said, "Passport Photos $9.99" which made me feel slightly sick to my stomach.

I hardly ever go to Walmart any more and now I remember why. Hate is such a strong word but ...

ETA: Not only does the passport wallet smell like inedible oil products but I just noticed that it closes with a hidden strip of magnet. Um, hello de-magnetization of all my cards?!

Seriously, Karissa


  1. I try to avoid Wal-mart, but it's so hard not to shop there when I can get everything in the same store at the same time. Ugh. I'm torn between my principles and my practicality.

  2. Too bad you didn't use your cat's picture--I really like that one!


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