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Three goods and a bad

More like one fantastic, two greats and an ugh.

The Greats:

- The university has an agreement with Dell for computer purchases. I got the brainy idea to contact our sales rep and get quote on a Mini. He quoted me $297 taxes, etc in, and that includes a six-cell battery. I am going to wait until July to order it because when the HST comes into effect the university will apply an institutional rebate of 78% (meaning I will save another $15 on the price).

- HST rebate cheque direct deposited yesterday. $200 immediately goes on the debt, bringing it down to $8000 even, and the other bit I am saving for another pair of orthopedic shoes (bringing me up to three pairs: sandals, clogs, and then shoes!)

The Ugh:

- I signed up for this challenge and on the first day wrote a few hundred words, which I promptly lost when my Word decided to go bunk on me. I started again yesterday but it's just not flowing like it was the day before. Haven't lost all hope yet, but I'm clearly missing the goal here.

The Fantastic:

- A dear person has offered me the use of his car for the summer while he is away. "Gratitude" can not express the relief I feel at this kind offer.

Seriously, Karissa


  1. I did the same thing with the challenge. Well writing is okay but not getting the yoga done. I figure it's okay to take a detour sometimes.


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