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Wants/Needs; Pros/Cons

Canadian Saver asked me why I want a Dell mini and it made me think. Besides the fact that it's cute, why do I need this new toy?

So I thought I'd make a pros/cons list:

- small size will make it nice for my weekend jaunts
- 160 or 250 gbs for storage - I can keep more pics, music and maybe a movie or two for travel
- I can get one with a purple top!

- my son will think it's his, because it's small and purple (his fave colour)
- I want the OS to be WinXP, and this is available only with a 3-cell battery (a 6-cell battery on its own is $170 extra)
- adding purple adds $30 to the cost, plus I'll probably buy a sleeve (compound spending)
- I read somewhere that the sound and video don't actually work well on the Mini
- I'm supposed to be paying off my entire credit card debt this year, so I must stop spending money I don't have!

Seriously, Karissa


  1. I used to do tech support for Dell. They're not all they're cracked up to be, to tell you the truth, at least they weren't then (ten years ago). Hopefully they don't still use the cheapest parts possible and sell them under the more expensive "Dell" name? That's something to think about as well. :)

  2. Another Con: It doesn't have a DVD drive so you can't watch movies on it.


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