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Still obsessed

... with spending money I don't have.

This past week I have created wishlists all over the Net. I customized a Dell Mini and looked at yoga toys. I have at least twenty listings in MyEbay.

The BBC Canada Store contacted me to add a link - which I have, below - and now I have all nine or so seasons of Red Dwarf in a wishlist on their site.

I went to Winners last week, looking for panda bear slippers for my son. I walked out with two dresses and a jumper, a pair of (non-orthotic) wedge sandals and a toy purple dragon. Over $130 spent that I managed to work into my budget spreadsheet without catastrophe, but those funds SHOULD be going toward the $9000 on the MC.

A visit to the dollar store yesterday had me spending just over $30 and this didn't cover all the items on my shopping list.

Something is up in my psyche and I'm not sure what or why. Is it just spring fever? Or have my spending issues returned to cause problems?


BBC Canada Shop - $10 OFF


  1. I think it is a spring thing -- wanting to renew, reinvent etc. Signs of increasing sunshine & energy. I'm struggling to rein myself back too!


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