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Who says nothing is free?

You have to imagine my surprise when I received a voice mail from the cable company offering me free digital TV, high-speed internet, and telephone with the purchase of my new home. I returned the call to confirm and as it turns out, with my new lease I will be receiving all three services FOR FREE for twelve months. I was told that I would receive cable with the new apartment, but I assumed I would have to pick one service. I had decided on telephone because I still hate Telus so much.

Nope. All three. It has been years since I watched cable TV, and over a year since I canceled my cable internet. I feel like I'm back in the 2000s. I just might gain twenty pounds being a couch potato in the next twelve months.



  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Wow... that's a nice little *bonus* isn't it!! Enjoy your year of free services!! :)

  2. We went without cable for nearly 2 years. I have to house is not quite as clean as it was without it! It will be a nice treat for ya! But watch your may drop a little ;)


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