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Fifteen months

I'm proud. Hell, I'm bragging. In fifteen months I have paid off 50% of my credit card debt. Over ten thousand dollars. I don't know how I did it. I didn't take a second job and I didn't sell anything online. I still have a social life and a car. I even paid off a huge car repair bill ($1400+) and bought two pairs of orthopedic shoes ($500). I bought a crappy new cell phone ($300 with all the bells and whistles). And still, I managed to pay HALF my debt in just over a year.

I'm psyched I tell ya. If I can keep this up, I'll be paying off my student loans in no time, and then I can start saving up for a bigger and better life for my son and I.



  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    That rocks!!! Congrats!! :) I just love the feeling of owing less!!

  2. That is awesome :) Keep up the good work!

  3. Ta Da!!!!

    Congrats. Another 18 months and DONE!

    Sigh. Wish I was that close to the end.

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I'm definitely jealous. I need to get your dedication cuz I'm broke.

  5. Good for you, K. That's awesome. I really relate to the self-esteem spending thing and I didn't really realise that I too had a problem until I started reading your blog. It made me think more about my consumption and I too have been tightening my belt instead of buying new ones. :)

  6. YA!! That is amazing!! Congratulations!

    *happy dance*

  7. Congrats!! And I'm DYING to know how you did it.


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