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Well I did it

I cleaned out my TFSA and put it on my MasterCard. I am so close to paying it off I can taste it. I will probably move another $400 from my LOC to bring the MC balance down to $1500. Then it's the waiting game for my tax return which will go right on there as well, hopefully paying it off. I'm not putting anything into my RRSP this year. I want this debt gone.

After fifteen months sharing a one-bedroom, Bean and I are moving into a two-bedroom on March 1st. We're staying in the same building, just moving down to the ground floor. I'll be paying about $150 a month for the extra bedroom plus a small backyard behind our apartment. Plus the super said they would give us a basic cable account for free for one year. I will have to sign another one year lease, which I think is BS considering I just finished one with them.



  1. It's a great feeling knowing you are so close, isn't it?

    Congrats on your new move. You may be moving down to the ground floor, but lifewise, you are absolutely moving in the right direction.

    Might I say congrats as well on having RESPs for bean. That is excellent you are starting those so early in the game.


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