Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's such a graphic term, but lately I feel like I am hemorrhaging money.

The Bean's daycare has a United Way campaign that has nickle and dimed me to the tune of about $60 in the past couple of weeks.

The battery on my cell finally gave up and a replacement was $90.

I bought two pairs of shoes (one was $71 and the other was $389 - orthopedic!!) but returned them both because they just didn't feel right. I'm still wearing the same orthopedic sandals that I overspent $269 on back in August. You know you're a mom when you don't care anymore if you wear socks and sandals.

I bought two pairs of "skinny" jeans because I have gone up a size and am bloating out of my old pants. I paid $26 for the two pairs, but another $22 or so on alterations (I am way short for them).

I've been invited to a wedding for this Saturday, and so far I have spent $8 on a second-hand dress. The alterations will be another $12 or so. Total spent on alterations will be just over $50, since I threw in another pair of pants to be taken in around the cuffs.

I have designed my budget for 2010 to reflect the increased costs of living, particularly rent. An announcement was made yesterday that car insurance will increase by about 10% in this province. I'm still considering ditching the car. I think I can sell it for about $5000 and if I do, will put that directly on to the debt.