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It's such a graphic term, but lately I feel like I am hemorrhaging money.

The Bean's daycare has a United Way campaign that has nickle and dimed me to the tune of about $60 in the past couple of weeks.

The battery on my cell finally gave up and a replacement was $90.

I bought two pairs of shoes (one was $71 and the other was $389 - orthopedic!!) but returned them both because they just didn't feel right. I'm still wearing the same orthopedic sandals that I overspent $269 on back in August. You know you're a mom when you don't care anymore if you wear socks and sandals.

I bought two pairs of "skinny" jeans because I have gone up a size and am bloating out of my old pants. I paid $26 for the two pairs, but another $22 or so on alterations (I am way short for them).

I've been invited to a wedding for this Saturday, and so far I have spent $8 on a second-hand dress. The alterations will be another $12 or so. Total spent on alterations will be just over $50, since I threw in another pair of pants to be taken in around the cuffs.

I have designed my budget for 2010 to reflect the increased costs of living, particularly rent. An announcement was made yesterday that car insurance will increase by about 10% in this province. I'm still considering ditching the car. I think I can sell it for about $5000 and if I do, will put that directly on to the debt.



  1. Its United Way at my office at well. But everything we have done is fun so i don't mind so much paying towards a charity. We had a chili cook-off and today a floor hockey tournament. monday is a bake sale.

    BUT that said, I know what you mean about money oozing out. I feel like everytime I turn around there is something I have to buy or want to buy.

  2. I like that you are still looking for ways to save, even when stuff costs money... like the second hand dress will lead to savings over a new one, even with alterations. Some of my wife's most beautiful outfits are things that she got second hand, and they are perfect on her. You just need some insurance that you can keep your mind wrapped around the income and outflow of the money, and manage it as best you can. Good luck!

  3. I'm glad I found this site. My wife and I are trying valiantly to pay off our consumer debt. It does seem like just when you start making progress every unanticipated expense pops up. Of course, frequently it's our brains trying to find a pattern. These type of expenses come around when we're not focusing on improving our finances- we just don't notice them!

    I'm excited to explore more of your blog.


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