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Not gone but maybe forgotten

Hi there, remember me? I have been keeping up with everyone's blogs in Google Reader on my smartphone, but I am unable to comment on them. It's such a weird voyeuristic feeling to keep an eye on everyone else while not being able to offer up anything in return. I learned I am able to post from my phone to livejournal, but I can't figure out how to phone-post to Blogger.

The month of September has so far been spent recovering from another car repair bill, to the tune of $740 or so for new brakes and a mend to part of the exhaust pipe. The car has been running great since but sometimes I wonder why I just don't take the bus. I guess it's just too easy to take my son and myself up to the university in seven minutes or so rather than the twenty minute bus ride and five minute walk to the stop. It's better than taking the bus to and from the grocery store (although I'm ashamed to admit that those trips haven't been as frequent since I raided a huge chunk of my August paycheque to pay the car repair bill). Having the car was also quite handy when my son was in the Infant and Toddler rooms at the daycare, where they seemed to be sending him home at least once a week with the daycare cootie.

Bean moved into the Senior Room at the start of September and is just so pleased with himself. His ability to use the toilet has accelerated astoundingly since the move just two weeks ago. Soon, no more night-diapers and day-pull-ups, an expense I am looking forward to skipping.

My sister just got her first credit card and the bank has already pre-approved her for a hefty mortgage. I think she'd be crazy to use it if she doesn't already have a 20% down payment. When we were discussing this the other day she mentioned that I probably have a good savings account since I paid off my debt. I was like "wha?!" and she said she thought I was working my butt off to pay it off and must have done so by now. Wellllll ... I did get off to a great start but then summer came and the car repairs, and for the past couple of months I have been making only minimum payments, knowing that once winter comes and I am hibernating in my little apartment again I will be able to make those big impressive payments again. My goal to have the $20 000+ paid off in two years has now been stretched to three. I wish I have been putting a little more towards the debt, but I didn't want to spend the summer inside either.

I have been spending each weekend the past few months with a nice guy my age who has his wallet out for everything we do, but being the independent person I am, I do try to pay my own way as much as I can.



  1. Glad to know your still around! I was happy to see your post tonight. :)

  2. I had found your blog a couple of weeks ago and am also glad to see you back. I definitely know what it is like to be slightly derailed by the unexpected expenses. Look forward to reading more.


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