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In Nine Months

The Bean and I are going into our tenth month of apartment living, after a year and a half renting a house that was way out of our price range. We had to give up a lot of space (and a lot of stuff), including our own bedrooms and a gigantic backyard. We also gave up a second bathroom, laundry facilities, and a basement for storage.

It's been great though. We acquired a bunk bed on Kijiji for $25 right after we moved into the apartment. I no longer have to mow a gigantic lawn, or shovel a long long driveway. I have only one bathroom to clean. Laundry is right down the hall ($1.50 wash and dry, each) and if I stay organized everything gets washed once a week. We have a storage closet that is pretty full and I hope to make the time to clean it out and organize it over the next couple of months.

What I have saved in nine months:
Rent: $2745
Hydro: $2340 (avg)
Cable: $510 (approx)
TOTAL: $5595

I have managed to reduce my debt by almost $6000 in 2009.

I received a notice from the property management company last week that my rent will be increased by the legal 3% in January 2010. My rent will then be around $812 (utilities included). I have been inquiring about two-bedroom apartments but they rent for $950-975 in my building. I am tempted to keep us where we are for a few more months to be able to continue to pay down the debt.

My new goal is to have my line of credit paid off in full by February 2012.



  1. That is an amazing amount of money saved! Very admirable!

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  3. Nice savings! That is fantastic progress, and I think that the downsizing obvious leads to benefits that many people don't think about. It's offered you some insurance that you can pay off your debt, and that's an amazing thing.


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