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Diaper deals at Rexall

This week I will be visiting Rexall (Pharma Plus) drug store for the third time in two weeks to purchase Huggies. We use the diapers for night time and the Pull Ups at daycare. The Huggies Pull Ups are far superior to Pampers or store brands (this is not a sponsored post). Both the diapers and the Pull Ups are in the flyer for $14.99 until this Friday.

Plus, I am armed with $2.00 coupons for the diapers that I found in the blue box in my building, and $2.50 coupons that were on the shelf of Price Choppers - I have been taking one each time I go into the grocery store to buy food. So the diapers are only $12.99 and the Pull Ups are $12.49. Much better than $17 or even $19.99 for a little pack of 40!

So, I may go over-budget by about $100 this month, but we should be stocked up on diapers and Pull Ups for the most of the summer. Hopefully Bean potty-learns by September :)



  1. Good for you. I need motivation to keep being Frugal.

    I'm doing better this week..

    Did you ever read YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE..??

    Or The Complete Tightwad Gazette.. ?? My two favorite books.

  2. Have you considered switching to cloth training pants instead? That could save you a lot of money. I'm a cloth diaper user and I've spent less than $500 diapering three children--now that's money in the bank!

    Do you think your readers would be willing to switch to cloth diapers if it meant getting out of debt faster and/or being able to put some real money in a college fund for their baby? I'm actually doing some research right now on the kinds of diapers parents use and why. I'd love to include your and your readers opinions in my study. You can participate by taking my diaper survey:

    Thanks In Advance!

  3. @Ms Hen: thanks, I will put them on my list

    @Tiana: I used cloth for the first 18 months. When I split with my son's father I just didn't have the time or inclination to keep up with the laundry! And now, we are using coin laundry in the building, so it's a double no for me, unfortunately.

  4. i'm so glad to see someone else with a three-year-old who can't seem to get with the potty-learning program! i don't know what's worse, the frustration or the cost! i do have a bunch of those coupons you mentioned, as well. maybe we'll be heading to rexall tomorrow.


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