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Still grateful

I have my bad days, we all do. I had a few this past week that made me want to run away. Seriously. But I chugged ahead and by week's end - today - I was having a great time with my little guy.

I have been following single mom blogs closely for the past few weeks, and I am grateful that I have found this online community of women with whom I can share my similar problems and concerns. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better in the months and years to come.

I have a community of moms on livejournal, most of whom have been with me since my pregnancy. I love them and wouldn't trade them for the world, but only a few are single moms. So I'm always looking for more moms to relate to. This parenting thing can be really difficult, and I need all the help I can get.

However the way it is now, I really wouldn't have it any other way. My son is bright, healthy and happy. We have people around who love us. He goes to an excellent and trustworthy daycare. He sees his daddy and paternal grandparents almost every weekend. We have a more than adequate roof over our heads, a car that runs, and enough cash to get us through. The support cheque comes almost regularly.

The only thing I truly wish for is that my parents would get to know him before he grows up, but we'll see. My dad makes a bit of an effort but I have to drive the three hours out to his place so he can see my little guy.

Some single moms have been concerned about the stigma surrounding their unmarried status. I don't feel it. If I get looks or attitude about the lack of a ring on my finger, I am oblivious to it. If anyone is condescending to me or my son because his dad lives in another city, I don't hear it. I don't even think it happens.

I'm not ashamed of our little family. I was ashamed of the way his dad and I used to fight, but after a year and a half of being apart that has reached a minimum.

Life is hard a lot of days, but it's good. We're happy and healthy and we have each other. Bean has his daddy and his family too. We're in a good spot. I sincerely hope and wish that every single mom I meet joins us in this spot.



  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    It is really great to have a nice little community of single parents that relate to eachother. I don't feel much negativity about being a single mom either, however, I don't have any close single mom friends, which would be nice.

    I'm glad your content. I am too, for the most part!

  2. I have seen multiple attacks on single moms (and have been the target of such attacks), and it can be very hurtful. So I feel it my duty and responsibility to speak up whenever I encounter such a thing. I wish it weren't the case, but I also feel I gain some strength from it.
    I'm very grateful for the community of single moms I've found through blogging.

  3. I'm not a single parent. But I am the child of a single parent and I have some insight into the unique challenges you face. I have the utmost respect for you - neither you (nor Bean) realize yet how amazing a role model you are.

  4. I'm a single mom too. :) There is plenty of us. I have a 25, 23 and 13.

    The 25 and 23 are not at home anymore..

    And single moms learn to be a pillar of strength.

    It is better to be single than have a child grow up with home is peaceful and serene.

    We'll all here to support you too.

    Nice to meet you.


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