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Saturday and spending

I somehow got Bean out to the store with me this morning, and out of the store without convincing me to buy him trucks and cars (darn toy section in the grocery store). We had to stock up on rice milk, coffee, macaroni, etc. and buy diapers and ending up dropping an easy $75. Yikes. Gas was nice and cheap at the pumps next door and I filled up my tank for $27.50.

We picked up Uncle T from the bus station and he wanted Pizza Hut buffet (about $10 per person) but Bean convinced us he wanted cheeseburgers instead, so we ended up at McYucks. Meals for the three of us came to less than $20 but T paid for it. Later on we ended up at the Pizza Hut near my house (takeout only) and dropped another $20, even though I had lots of leftover spagetti from dinner at home last night with Uncle S. T paid again, he wanted to and implied he enjoys having someone to spend money on, so we went with it.

I planned a lecture event for this Thursday and I wanted to wear something nice. I was tempted to go to the second-hand stores and look for a skirt, but decided to re-hem an old pair of dress pants instead. Several reasons: 1) if I buy something new I have to get rid of something old, and there's nothing in my closet right now that I want to let go of; 2) I don't want to spend a cent on something I can live without (except for coffee, c'mon, it's COFFEE!); 3) I have lots of nice things that need more love or a simple stitch-up job; 4) I hate wearing tights or anything constricting around the crotch area so buying a skirt isn't a great idea for me.

Tomorrow is church and then a playdate with J and G. Bean hasn't been back to the old house since we moved out / J & G moved in so it should be an interesting visit. All his outdoor toys are still in the shed, so if it's a nice day we'll probably drag some out and have them ride cars up and down the driveway. As though the last few months here never even happened.



  1. I saw a great quote today that Cheap is the new Black. Some good sales out there!


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