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The Honourable Ms Karissa

More good news this week: a letter arrived from the university Registrar's office, confirming that with my half-credit earned last semester, I officially hold an Honours Bachelor of Arts.

What this means in terms of employment is not much. The General B.A. I received in 2002 certainly helped me obtain a position at the university, but none of the three jobs I have held required a degree. There is currently a hiring freeze, and when it lifts most of the jobs posted will be either more like mine, or more specialized jobs that will require additional certification or management skills. If I wanted to be promoted I would have to have even more schooling, probably college courses that lead to a certificate in, say, accounting or purchasing or IT. A General or Honours B.A. in Anthropology and International Development Studies is not going to do a lot for me unless I am looking at changing my career path altogether. And even then, I'm just another person with a B.A.

What this extra billing on my B.A. means for me is not only closure on a personal project I began over ten years ago, but it also gives me a future in the pursuit of higher education. With an Honours degree I can now apply for a Masters degree. Now, my grade average is a little low for competition, but I may be able to take another course or two on my employee tuition waiver to try to bring my average up. I'm not concerned about it now because I'm not currently looking at a Master's program, but it's nice to know that the option is opening up to me.

In terms of future education goals I probably will head back to college for career upgrading. I'm interested in financial planning, naturopathy and natural health, midwifery, refugee and immigration issues, community development and sustainability, and yoga teacher training. Obviously I'm going to have to pick something and stick to it, but for now I'm happy to accept my Honours degree and take a break from school for a little while.



  1. Many congrats! I got my BA while working full-time and raising 2 kids by myself, so I know what you mean by the accomplishment itself being the prize. The more tangible rewards WILL come.

  2. Haha.. can you imagine if you did naturopathy while working with refugee/immigration? You could help them calm down and do yoga while they're filling out forms, then you toss in some financial planning in the mix when they're all done.

    or do financial planning then a session of yoga to de-stress after? :) I think a mix could be in order.

    They all sound good. How are you going to pick what to do? Pros/Cons list?

  3. I forgot to mention that I am also interested in radio broadcasting and supply teaching for primary school ...

  4. Congratulations! I think school is important even if it doesn't benefit you monetarily. Mr M is having a hard time switching careers because he doesn't have a degree, so around here they must be important. Let us know if you decide to go on with schooling :)

  5. What a fabulous acheivement Karissa!! A Big High Five to you!!!


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